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      • How many hours per day do the Carers work?
        • Live-in Carers typically work seven days a week, for ten to twelve hours a day, for a period of 2 weeks at a time. If care is ongoing, the next Carer will then take over for the following 2 weeks. Any night calls will attract a small additional charge.

          It would be appreciated if the Client would allow the Carer a reasonable length of time off, say 2 hours, to be taken together.

          For further details please speak to one of our Care Coordinators.

      • What support does a Angelcare Carer provide?
        • Carers can provide different levels of support as required according to a Client's needs, priorities and preferences. Duties might include:

               • Personal care - dressing/undressing, washing, showering, bathing, oral care, hair care, shaving, continence care and toileting

               • General housework, shopping, cooking, laundry and cleaning

               • Companionship, social activities and outings

               • Help with the care of family pets, when necessary

          Whilst giving emotional and physical support, emphasis is placed on the dignity and privacy of those receiving care.

      • Can we have help just occasionally?
        • Yes, bookings can be very short term, but as all bookings are live-in the Carer will need to be provided with overnight accommodation in the home of the Client, whatever the length of the booking.

      • Will the Carer cook, clean and undertake household chores?
        • Carers are primarily responsible for their Client's personal care and well-being, but also contribute to the smooth running of the home and will undertake light housekeeping, laundry, cooking, driving and shopping duties.

      • How much personal care will the Carers undertake?
        • Carers can provide various levels of personal care as required.

          Carers are happy to undertake tasks such as;

               • Washing, Showering, Bathing

               • Toileting

               • Supervision of medication

               • Helping with eye drops

               • Transferring from bed/chair

          Carers cannot perform the tasks of trained nurses, such as dressing wounds and administering injections. You should not ask Carers to perform tasks that go beyond their experience or which they do not feel comfortable doing. Therefore, it is important that Angelcare Caslope Healthcare clearly understands the Client's needs before bookings are confirmed.

          If our Care Coordinator identifies that the needs of the Client require a higher level of care than can be given by an Angelcare Caslope Healthcare Carer, you can be referred to our Nursing-at-Home department.

          The UK’s Nursing & Midwifery Council recommends that a qualified Nurse is booked for:

               • More advanced medical conditions.

               • Management of equipment eg. catheters, hoists.

               • Administering (rather than prompting) medication.

               • Wound care, eg. pressure sores.

               • Professional liaison with local healthcare professionals.

          Angelcare ’ Live-In Nurses can;

               • Professionally assess your needs.

               • Identify any risk to client or staff (eg. from manual handling tasks).

               • Work with your local GP and District Nurse, if and when appropriate.

               • Create (with your full input) a detailed Care Plan/Support Plan.

          If you are unsure what type of support you need please feel free to phone us and speak to a Nurse Consultant or contact your local GP or healthcare professional.

      • Can the Carers deal effectively with Dementia such as Alzheimer's Disease?
        • For Clients who have dementia, the need for routine and familiarity is well documented. Our Carers help Clients to retain their sense of identity and feelings of self-worth and security by caring for them in an environment where they are most comfortable - their own home.

          Many of our Carers are experienced in helping those with the many manifestations of this condition, which may include memory loss, confusion or problems with speech and understanding. Our Dementia Training Courses supplement this knowledge by providing Carers with a wider understanding of dementia. The training ensures that Carers are up to date with new innovations and practical ways of communicating with dementia Clients or engaging them in activities.

          Typically we endeavour to build up a rota of carers that the Client enjoys spending time with, thereby minimising the need for change or disruption to a Client’s daily routine.

      • Will the Carer be unobtrusive? Do I really want to have someone living in my home?
        • Many people find the prospect of having an unfamiliar person staying in their home somewhat daunting, but Clients tell us that this feeling quickly fades away. To many Clients it is infinitely preferable to moving to a care home which can be impersonal and strange.

          Our Carers are reliable, discreet, friendly and committed to the physical and emotional wellbeing of their Clients. They operate in a professional, polite, dependable and confidential manner, and respect the homes of Clients.

          If in the very unlikely event you are unhappy with our choice of Carer we will find you a replacement, usually within 24 hours.

      • Can we postpone the start of care or interrupt the service for a short time?
        • We understand that unforeseen circumstances can result in the need to postpone confirmed bookings. Similarly, you may request a break in service, perhaps due to a temporary hospital admission.

          In these unavoidable instances, please speak to one of our Care Coordinator who will organise any change of booking.

      • What is Angelcare Caslope Healthcare?
        • Angelcare  is a registered care and nursing agency specialising in providing 'Live-in' Carers and Nurses for private Clients in their own homes. We also provide staff to other agencies like hospitals and nursing homes.

          Angelcare  was established in 2010 and has decades of experience in providing quality care solutions for people who want a real alternative to other care packages, extended hospital stays and even hospice care.

          • Clients trust Angelcare  to provide full-time care, nursing and housekeeping assistance in their own homes.

      • Does Consultus meet all statutory obligations?
        • Yes, Angelcare  meets every statutory requirement expected of it, the service we provide adhering to each necessary government regulation including;

          • Employment Agencies Act 1973 and Conduct Regulations 2003

          • Data Protection Act 1998

          • Health and Safety Act 1974

      • Do you provide Live-in Carers and care at home to all areas of the UK?
        • Yes, Angelcare  provides Live-in Carers to Clients in their homes throughout the UK. We also offer live-in care services to some European locations by arrangement.

          Our skilled and experienced Care Coordinator will work with you to ensure that we find exactly the right Live-in Carer, wherever you are located.

    • Angelcare Caslope Carers

      • How do you source your Carers?
        • Many Angelcare  Carers come to us through recommendation, but we also advertise in reputable publications and on relevant websites in the UK and overseas.

          We have regional agents throughout the UK.  It is the policy of Angelcare  not to recruit ineperienced carers. We are very strict with the provisions and requirements for elligebility for employment in this country. Accordingly, we can help only those applying with British passports or Ancestry visas (or equivalent).

          All applications are processed by our Carer Application Department our Head Office in Surrey, where all Carers will also undergo a face to face interview at which time all documentation is checked, references taken, and a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Enhanced Disclosure and DBS Adult First processed.

      • Can I interview the Carers, and how do you choose them?
        • It is not possible for you to meet the Carer face-to-face before the booking commences, although you can speak to them over the telephone. Carers and Clients have equal responsibility to contact each other to make arrival and changeover arrangements.

          Each Carer is carefully matched to a Client based upon skills, experience, personality and mutual interests. Our highly experienced Care Coordinators fully consider each Client’s circumstances and requirements before recommending a Carer.

      • I would like to have the same Carers returning. Can you arrange this?
        • Yes it is possible to book favourite Carers to return which gives valuable continuity of care. Naturally, we cannot guarantee a Carer will always be able to return but Angelcare Caslope Healthcare will try to facilitate this whenever possible.

      • Can you provide visiting carers for an hour a day?
        • Angelcare  specialises in ‘Live-in’ Care, Specialist care, Nursing care and and  also offers a daily visiting care service where appropriate. If you decide you do not need a Live-in Carer, or your live-in helper needs professional assistance,we are always happy to discuss other options that suit your needs.

          UKHCA Find a Member. Tel. 020 8661 8188.

          Alternatively, the contact details for local day care agencies can be found on the internet.

        • Financial

      • How do Live-in Care costs compare to Residential Care Homes?
        • The charge for a Live-In Carer, for a single Client, is typically less than residential nursing home fees. Where a couple wish to remain at home together, it is possible they could both be cared for by an Angelcare Caslope Healthcare Live-In Carer and pay considerably less than combined residential fees.

      • How much is paid to the Carers and how much is paid in agency fees?
        • We recommend a rate of pay to the Carer from £61.00 per 24 hour period for a single Client not requiring personal care and £73.50 per 24 hour period for a couple where there are no personal care needs, which is paid directly to the Carer. The Carer is self-employed and will arrange their own tax and N.I. payments. Wages are exempt from VAT.

          Our Agency Fee is £96.75 per week including VAT (discounted to £93.50 if paid by Direct Debit). There is a one-off Registration Fee of £112.50 including VAT which is not invoiced until after the first Carer starts.

          Please ask for our Brochure which contains our full Terms and Conditions.

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